The Where and How Many.


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The Where.

At your home, stables, kennels or wherever your animal is the most comfortable. This is paramount and your animal has to be completely at ease and as relaxed as possible to get the maximum benefit from the treatment.

All treatments start with space between the practitoner and your animal and if your animal wants the "hands on" then he will show this to the practitoner. At all times the comfort and well being of your animal is the top priority as is the respect that it is due. The practitoner is qualified and able to give exactly the same level of treatment to your animal from a distance- there is no lessening of the effects of the Reiki.

Distance Healing is highly effective with your animal receiving all the benefits from the comfort of their own surroundings wherever you are. As Reiki is pure energy it isn't subject to the limitations of time or space and can and does travel across a room or to the other side of the world or to wherever it is directed by the practitoner. For full information contact us at   

How Many.

The number of treatments needed depends on the animal and the person but for noticeable benefits 4-6 sessions are recommended in quick succession followed up by regular top up sessions or as and when needed. 

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