Who Benefits from the Reiki?

Animals who live closely with human companions are very much in tune with the emotional states of their people. In their efforts to protect and take care of them, animals often take on their worries, anxieties and sometimes even their physical problems.

Reiki can help animals live closely with their people while protecting their own health so that the animal can be there at their best for their people.

Reiki can help people as well as animals to resolve and release past memories, patterns, behaviours and other influences that hold them back from the best and highest expression of their true selves.

People sometimes ask why they need to be treated when they only want to heal their animals. The answer is that the treatment benefits you as that animal's person, you can understand what the animal is feeling during and after a treatment.

Most of all it just does you good and you can benefit from the healing as well as your animal.

Not sure if you or your animal will benefit? Just ask at info@animalreiki.me.uk