Talks & Jack's Story.

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Jack's Story

Jack is a gelding, in his late 20's and lives at Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary. When I met Jack,in October 2006, he was in a special stall which was padded all the way around. He had lost the use of one of his hind legs and needed the padding for support and to lean against.

Jack and I hit it off immediately and although he was a bit suspicious of the Reiki energies to start with after about 15 minutes he was ready for the full hands on experience.

This was the start of something very special and after the first 2-3 weeks Jack was gaining confidence and strength and had started to move about the other stalls looking for tasty titbits that the other horses had. After another 2-3 weeks he was wandering about to his heart's content and using his "gammy" leg like a walking stick and had gained considerable muscle on his other 3 legs. So much so that Jack can lie down and get up without any problem and is more than content and happy with his life.

The Reiki gave Jack the confidence to "find his feet" again and accelerated his own healing process so that once again he is a big happy guy with a smile on his face.

Post Script- 30th October 2007- I was privileged to share the last hours of Jack's life. We had shared the last year and I know that he had had a happy 12 months but sadly his natural time on this earth  had come to an end. Jack died 30/10/2007. 

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 Bob Johnstone